How To Best Take Care Of Your Skin At Night

night skin care routine

Did you know that by the time your alarm starts buzzing in the morning, you can make your skin look radiant and smooth? Beauty sleep is important but what you do just before sleeping also brings huge difference. Night is the best time to heal your skin and repair the damage that is caused by pollution, stress and your daily routine. You must have heard that tossing on your bed without washing your face is bad for your skin, but there is not much clarity as to what can be termed as ‘perfect’ skincare routine for night. Here are quick pre-bedtime skin care tips!

  1. Cleansing to remove build-up from the day: Waking with your liner smudged under your eyes might be uncommon for you as you are using those liners which last very long and are not easy to be washed away with just water. Thus you require two layers of cleansing before going to bed. The first layer should be with an oil-based cleansers so as to remove your makeup i.e., foundation, mascara, eyeliner etc. as they contain polymers and waxes. The second layer should be using a gentle face wash to clean your top most layers and remove if any makeup is leftover.
  2. Keep it hydrated: Researchers have found that while you snooze, you lose more water from your skin and thus it is necessary to give your skin a shot of moisture overnight. You should apply some hydrating agents as they can plump your skin and provide a clear and beautiful skin. You can apply Aloe Vera gel overnight or hydrating overnight face mask that can even out oily and sensitive skin. It should not be greasy but should keep your skin hydrated overnight. It helps in tightening the pores and thus also reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These masks also help you in having a calm and comfortable sleep and this relaxation gives an ultimate boost to your skin.
  3. Tap eye cream after putting your night cream: Night cream is a significant part of your overnight journey to the lands of dreams as it helps in renewing and rejuvenating your skin. But dabbing some eye cream into your overnight plan can prove to be greatly helpful. Do a little massage with your eye cream around the delicate area of your eyes as it improves blood circulation and helps you in getting rid of dark circles. It also reduces puffiness and protects the skin from drying out overnight.
  4. Get some sleep: That might sound amazing! Sleeping is the wonderful feeling as it is the time when your body relaxes and get a time off from computer screens, books and all those digital devices that stays in front of your eyes every day! If you don’t get a good night sleep then skincare products and beauty ideas cannot do any wonders and hence to take best care of your skin, make it shine naturally and ensuring that all your efforts prove to be fruitful you should get a relaxing sleep!

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