How To Cleanse Your Skin

5 Easy Ways of How to Cleanse Your Skin

After a day’s work or an evening party, you are tired and longing to go to bed. But your skin and face have been through a lot through the day: you now need to wash off the pollutants, the dust and the makeup. Leaving them on is a sure path to ageing skin: it will start sagging or showing wrinkles if you do not cleanse it every day. This is because small particles in the air settle on the skin and clog the pores. If they are not cleaned, they will lead to problems such as infections of the skin.

Many of us think that cleaning the face and skin involves simply splashing water and wiping it off. But for cleaning the makeup and the grime, we need a better cleansing routine. This is important because your skin should be absolutely clean when you go to sleep. Very little particles of dust or makeup can block the skin pores and once that happens, the oils in the body get trapped, leading to bacteria and infections. So it is better not to take chances and cleanse your skin thoroughly. Cleansing not only associated with day care routine but also the night skin care routines must be carry forward.

For effective cleaning of the skin, follow the following steps. The clear and healthy skin that you will get will be a reward for your patience!

Choose a good, mild cleanser

There are many cleansing products that are available: choose one which is mild and best suits your skin. Since you have to use it every day, avoid harsh products that remove the body’s natural oil, sebum. Ask a skin expert if you are not sure about the kind of product that you should be using.

The 30 second rule

Apply a cleanser and leave it on your skin and face for about 30 seconds – do not wash immediately. Rub the cleanser gently along the neck, face, sides of your nose and arms. Then wash it off by splashing water after 30 seconds.

Do not use hot water

It is a bad idea to use hot water to cleanse your skin. Use lukewarm water. If you are using hot water in your bath or shower, cleanse the skin after the shower. Hot water will rob your skin of essential oils, leaving it dry and prone to early aging.


You can save time by cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. Exfoliating cleansers are easily available and a product like that will save you the time that you spend on exfoliating separately. This will help you remove dead skin cells, making your skin look smoother and younger. But do not exfoliate excessively! You can have two cleansers – a mild one and an exfoliating one, and use them in turns.

Enjoy and Relax!

Your daily cleansing ritual can well become a time to get rid of stress. When you apply the cleanser, shut your eyes and inhale the fragrance, forgetting all thoughts. Simply enjoy the scent and the luxurious feeling it gives you. This can become a daily stress therapy for you! And as know, living a stress free life is the secret to beauty. Once you start enjoying your cleansing routine, you will find all negative thoughts going out of your mind.


Cleansing is important for your face and skin. Using a good product suitable for your skin is important. Choose a mild cleanser with a rich, sensuous smell. Such products give you the feeling of cleaning and luxury at the same time. Make your routine a beauty therapy session and you will find yourself turning young and beautiful.


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