5 Tips To Improve Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

5 Tips To Improve Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Our bodies change as we age. Along with environmental factors, the hormonal and genetic changes start affecting our looks. When the proteins that give elasticity to the skin — collagen and elastin — start decreasing, it begins to show as wrinkles and skin sagging. It is a time when the skin begins to age: thin lines start forming around the eyes. Sometimes adult acne also occurs. Our skin care routine thus has to change as we age – we can no longer follow what we have been doing when we were young. In this article, I will explain what best anti-aging skin care routine you must introduce in your thirties in order to maintain your beautiful, young skin.

Tips For Anti-Aging Skin Care

  • Dealing with Acne

    Sometimes acne breaks out. The acne that you get as an adult in the thirties is different in composition from the acne that you got in your teens or early twenties. Hence, commonly available acne products which worked earlier will not give good results in your thirties. They might just cause inflammation and irritation. Instead, look for products that are more suited for your age. Choose natural and gentle products – I have described earlier in my blog about using fruits and natural products like curd for getting rid of acne. If you have to choose a product, select one in which moisturizer is also present.

  • Cleanse your make-up daily

    Younger people can afford to do a small cleaning of their makeup before going to bed. Not done when you are in your thirties! Make it a point to thoroughly cleanse your face and makeup before going to bed. Leaving makeup on the eyes, for instance, will make them puffy since the small pores and glands around them will get blocked by the makeup. Use a gentle face wash every evening before going to bed. It will wash away the makeup and clear the pores of your skin. Makeup removers are also easily available in the market: choose a product that is most suitable for your skin. Follow your anti-aging skin care routine with a night eye cream which will moisturise and work on your skin as you sleep!

  • Watch your weight

    When we are young, we do not bother about our weight very much. But once you hit thirty, changes in the body necessitate that you watch your weight. For one thing, you do not have the oestrogen levels that you once had. So any changes in weight will be reflected in your body and face. Many women will find that their cheeks are becoming hollow, while weight is added to other parts of the body. Added to the skin which begins to sag, weight gain will make you look older. In your thirties, keeping tabs on your weight is of utmost importance. Try to remain within limits of the weight prescribed for your body-mass index.

  • Always Use Sun Screen

    People usually apply sunscreen when they go out in the sun, especially when they think about to care for the skin in the summers. When you are young, your skin recovers quickly after being exposed to sunlight. But once you hit your thirties you must include sunscreen in your daily anti-aging skin care routine. That’s because you are exposed to damage even when you are in the shade and your skin will not recover that quickly. Using sunscreen daily will protect you from ultra-violet rays that accelerate wrinkles. So using a sunscreen with a high SPF will prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. It will also prevent sun spots, apart from protecting you from the risk of skin cancer. Use sunscreen liberally on your face, hands, neck and chest.


Remember that age catches up with everybody. It is a natural process and you cannot do much about that. But you can take precautions and save yourself from early ageing by following the above simple and easy steps. Follow the routine that I have described and maintain that youthful glow for a much longer time!

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