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6 Rules To Keep In Mind For A Good Looking Skin On A Vacation

A vacation disrupts our regular routine and takes us on a trip of an unhealthy time leading to a result of some reactions from our body. Our schedule gets completely dismantled along with our sleep timings making it more difficult for our skin to cope up. Traveling to other places exposes us to different climatic conditions where our skin has to adjust to the changing temperature and humidity. The skin dryness might increase or decrease causing abnormal reaction on it. The change in our healthy diet changes to outside foods may cause disruption in the oils of our skins.


No matter where you go you will always carry the immediate solution to all skin problems with you, water. Water apparently seems to satisfy our thirst and relieves us from the scorching sun as it keeps our skin hydrated and cool by managing the heat level. But it has more to offer. It flushes out all the accumulated wastes and toxins of our body. Remember to have a lot of fluids, for example, various fruit juices, tea, coconut water etc. These will detoxify your skin and keep them soft.


Your skin needs a preparation to face the newer climate and dusts. Use a sunscreen that suits your body, preferably containing high SPF, whenever you leave the house as the Ultra Violet rays require just few minutes to pass through your skin and damage it. These rays lead to skin diseases and cancer. Sunscreen protects such adversity and also helps to fight unnecessary tans and skin damage. Check if the lotions you use contain zinc oxide and certain antioxidants as these are the best and safest options for skin care. They usually suit all skins and neutrally manage all skin damages.


Oily skin requires extra attention as the unwanted dust and pollution are easily attracted. A good moisturizer controls these oil formations as well as helps to tone and keep your skin refreshed. If you have a dehydrated body, your skin will look dull and need a moisturizer to protect. It sustains the hydration and protection of the skin from its dryness and dullness.


This is the first step to get a glowing skin. Moisturizers need this to give completeness to the skin. Try using a sponge or scrub to remove the dead skin of the body. Gently scrub your body in a circular form for around two to three minutes for the best results.


No matter where you are try keeping your skin clean. Aloe Vera gel based cleanser is recommended the best for prone skin. There are easier home remedies that can be used to save your skins from harmful chemicals like plain yogurt and honey that both cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

Refrain from make ups

Try not to use heavy make ups when you are out on a vacation as you do not have enough amenities  to clean them properly all the time and hence the chemicals stay longer on your skin than required. Carry a zipper bag with a moisturizer, face wash, soaps, hand sanitizer and lip balms to keep your skin beautiful and fresh during a vacation.

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