A complete guide to natural beard grooming tips

A Complete Guide To Natural Beard Grooming Tips

Men like to keep beards for many reasons. They think a beard looks good, it does not require shaving, and has minimum maintenance. But a good beard requires regular care and trimming otherwise it will look untidy and unkempt. In fact, many men grow a beard but don’t know how to look after it. In this article, I will give some natural beard grooming tips to have a beard that looks and feels good.

Do you need a beard?

The first question that needs to be answered is whether you need a beard or not. Keep in mind that a beard is not for everybody. Many people look untidy and dark with a beard. For them, a clean-shaven look is required. It is easy to get carried away by TV actors and film stars who support a beard but you have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask whether a beard suits you or not. Do not follow the trend simply because others are doing it.

Also, keep in mind that a beard can cause skin health issues for some people. In the hot Indian weather, having a beard will cause avoidable skin problems such as dryness and dandruff. That’s because creams and moisturizers do not reach the skin and it gets deprived of essential moisture. In summers, a beard will seem as if something is covering your face and it will feel hot which will cause irritation.

It is therefore important to know a few facts about beards before you decide on keeping it. Read on to know about natural beard grooming tips and ways to keep a healthy beard.

Natural beard grooming tips

The first rule: keep your beard clean. But washing your face regularly with soap will rob the skin of essential oils and it will increasingly become dry. Dryness will lead to problems like dandruff and hair breakage. Find a way of moisturizing the skin below the beard. To achieve this, you will have to use a gel or a beard care routine that does not cause dryness of the face. You will have to care for your beard just as you care for your hair, by using a conditioner or using natural oils for nourishing the hair.

Dryness can lead to dandruff on your beard. This will surely cause embarrassment. The solution is to keep your beard clean and ensure that the skin is well nourished. To treat dandruff you may need some medication, so seek the help of a doctor should you suffer from the condition.

A healthy beard actually means that the skin beneath it is healthy. You have to keep the face skin moisturized and free from infections. If you suffer from acne, it will become a problem if you have a beard. You will have to use acne medication and apply to the affected area carefully. Treat the acne gently and avoid the itch as it may cause further complications.

Shaping and grooming your beard

Many men believe that a beard does not require care and let it grow naturally. This will give a very untidy look because of uneven hair growth. A smart beard requires regular shaping and trimming. Uneven hair growth can mar your looks. Trim your beard regularly to overcome uneven hair growth on your face, and keep it well shaped. Beard oil is available in some stores, which will keep the skin moisturized. A good beard oil will keep the itch away, care for the hair follicles as well as the skin. Its refreshing smell will give you confidence.

Grooming your beard needs a regular routine. Get it trimmed often and style it properly. Otherwise, you will have an unkempt look. To look handsome, you must take care of your beard. Beards may also tend to collect germs and play host to bacteria. Apart from gathering dust as you go outdoors, your beard may also trap some food particles. This will encourage bacteria. That is why keeping your beard clean is very important. Remember that a beard requires regular care. Letting your facial hair grow for smartness is not without a regular routine! If you suffer from beard hair loss, patchiness or beard hair thinning, choose hair loss treatments like a beard hair transplant.


If you decide to keep a beard, first check whether it will suit you. Then decide on a beard care routine. Keeping a beard requires good care otherwise you will have an unkempt look. A beard attracts germs, so it is most important to clean it well. A beard by itself is not harmful, but you must regularly maintain it. Clean and brush regularly. Follow the natural beard grooming tips that I have described above. These beard care tips are essential to keep a healthy beard. For a well-groomed look, follow the beard care tips and ensure that your beard is clean, smart and healthy at all times.

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