Are Hair Wigs The Best Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment In India?

Are Hair Wigs The Best Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment In India?

Losing one’s hair causes loss of confidence and self-esteem in many people. They want to hide their thinning hair or bald patches desperately. There are two ways this can be done – by having a hair transplant or by wearing a wig. You may be rightly confused about which solution to follow. I will describe in this article the benefits and disadvantages of both so that you can take a decision about the best hair loss treatment method for you.

Wigs For Hair Loss Treatment

Wigs are suitable options in many cases. For instance, for people who are suffering from a disease that has led to baldness and hair transplant is not possible, a wig is a quick and easy solution. Also, hair transplants do not result in a high hair density so wigs can provide better hair density than transplants. In many cases, the patient’s donor area is depleted and does not have an adequate number of hair follicles – in such cases too a wig is more preferable. Wigs are also a quick solution preferable if a person has lost hair during pregnancy and has temporary baldness. Burn victims and those involved in accidents too will find wigs suitable.

A hair transplant is very effective in regenerating hair but it is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are taken from areas where there is normal growth and re-planted in the bald areas. Though a very effective procedure, some people are not comfortable with the surgery. In other cases, surgery may not be possible because of the existence of pre-existing hair diseases or medical conditions. In such cases, the only option left is to wear a wig to hide the bald spots. Further, since hair transplantation does not result in the same density of hair that a person had, wigs are an ideal solution for those who want a good density of hair. In cases of men suffering from scarring baldness in which hair cannot be re-grown, wigs are the answer.


Wigs can be made of human hair or synthetic fibre. They can be customized for your looks. Human hair gives a natural look but wigs require care and will also deteriorate over time. They have to be washed regularly and conditioned, after which they must be combed using a wide-toothed comb or a brush.

Another disadvantage of wigs is that there is always a fear that they may come off if an accident such as a fall or a push occurs. They can be displaced if the wearer comes too close to others or indulge in hugging or kissing. Wearers of wigs, therefore, have to be constantly on their guard. If not set properly, wigs will entangle with the remaining natural hair of the person, often pulling them out, leading to permanent baldness. A hair transplant does not have these disadvantages. You will not have the constant fear that the wig might fall off, or have to replace it after some time. Wigs require regular care and incur costs as they have to be maintained. Otherwise, they might start smelling due to the natural processes of sweating and scalp oil accumulation.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant, on the other hand, is a permanent hair loss treatment. This is a method in which hair is taken from areas where it is growing well and re-planted over bald areas. This technology has really become better with continuous research and today transplanting can be done without scars showing. It requires minimal maintenance except for shampooing and taking care as it is your own natural hair. Over a period of time, it works out less expensive than wigs.


Though the initial cost of hair transplant is higher, over time it works out much cheaper than wigs. As the hair that is re-planted is your own, it requires only normal care. That is why the cost of wigs works to be higher as compared to hair transplant over a long time. Further, if the wearer wants a different style, more than one wig will have to be bought. Wigs will also require replacement after some time as they will suffer wear and tear. That is why wigs do not turn out to be cheap options over a long period of time. Choose a wig only if you are comfortable with their regular maintenance and replacement costs.


Hair transplants are permanent hair loss treatment and have distinct advantages over wigs. However, wigs are often the best option for many patients who have suffered extensive hair loss, or when hair transplant surgery is not possible. Our advice: seek professional advice. Choose a hair transplant or a wig after a consultation with a doctor. If a hair transplant is possible, certainly go for it, considering that it does not require much care and the long-term cost. But if it is not possible, choose a high-quality wig.

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