Stop Hair Breakage

Causes, Tips And Treatment To Prevent Hair Breakage

You are not alone if you are experiencing hair damage. When hair is not nourished properly, it will break when you are brushing or combing it. If you are experiencing abnormal hair breakage, then you need to take some steps so that nourishment returns to your scalp and hair.

In this article, I will explain the causes of hair breakage and methods to prevent it. Hair grows from an inner cuticle while the strands are held together with scales that overlap. Dryness or lack of nourishment damages the scales and hair gets prone to damage. Read on to find out why hair breakage occurs and how it can be prevented and follow the long hair care tips.

Causes of Hair Breakage

The causes of hair breakage are many. I have summed them up as follows.

  1. Diet

    I have very often stressed on the fact that your body reflects what you eat. The hair and skin are directly affected by what you eat. A diet for hair fall prevention is rich in iron and proteins and tends to strengthen the hair. Lack of certain nutrients like zinc, iron, and folic acid will lead to hair damage. Make sure that your diet includes protein and antioxidants. My blog on diets gives you an idea about the things that you must include in your daily diet. Just as a reminder, including green vegetables, fruits, eggs and Omega 3 acids in your daily eating habits.

  2. Lifestyles

    Modern lifestyles are not very kind of hair. These include irregular work hours, irregular eating habits, carrying a lot of stress, and so on. These habits take their toll on your looks and hair. Improve your lifestyles and get rid of stress. Certain relaxation techniques are available, such as yoga and meditation. As for work-related stress, choose a job that has less stress associated with it. Irregular eating habits and irregular sleep habits can easily be cured by introducing a little discipline in your life. Improving your lifestyle and controlling stress will certainly reduce hair breakage.

  3. Hair processing

    Many causes of hair damage result from over washing and bad drying habits. Using shampoos often and with hot water is a certain recipe for dryness and eventual breakage. Over washing robs the hair of essential nutrients and oils, damaging the hair. You have to counter the effects of weather and washing by replenishing the lost nutrients by having a good diet and hair treatments. Avoid exposure to heat, use warm water for washing the hair and give your hair regular oiling or similar treatment. Use a conditioner regularly. To save time you can use a leave-in conditioner.  Heat damage also arises from using hair dryers and styling products like flat or curling irons. Use fewer tools and dryers and follow natural routes. If you are using styling products regularly, use safer versions and use a heat-protecting spray when you apply heat tools. Treat your hair to a hair mask regularly.

  4. Change your hair care routine

    Washing hair is necessary because of the dust and pollution that we are exposed to. But many hair problems arise when we wash hair too often. Do not use shampoo more than once a week for dry hair and twice a week for oily hair. Also, use a gentle shampoo and apply conditioner. Drying by rubbing a towel on the hair is also a bad habit: let the water be absorbed by the towel instead. For combing, do not use the brush roughly but use one with a gentle motion. Always use wide-toothed combs. Tying the hair tightly stresses the hair roots. Though elastic bands are good and keep hair under control, they also pull the hair. The solution is to tie your hair loosely to avoid the pull and the stress. Avoid rubber bands as they tangle the hair.

  5. Diseases and hormonal imbalance

    Diseases like thyroid or hormonal imbalance may affect the hair. Seek doctor’s advice if you are suffering from any of these diseases.

Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage

  1. Wash your hair gently
  2. Do not rub dry. Let your hair air dry.
  3. Don’t be too tight on your hair.
  4. Do not over-style and adopt a hairstyle that requires less styling
  5. Eat a nourishing diet
  6. Improve your lifestyle and adopt regular eating habits

Hair Breakage Treatment

  1. Hydrate and moisturise the hair strands by deep conditioning and oiling.
  2.  Use a detangler to gently detangle the hair.
  3. Sleep on silk pillowcase and bedding to prevent further damage and breakage.
  4. Apply nutrient-packed masks on the hair twice a week.
  5.  Visit a trichologist to know the root cause of hair damage. The doctor will advise a hair breakage treatment like PRP therapy or special medicated hair products according to the root cause.


Hair breakage is a sign of bad health and bad lifestyle. Take steps to avoid hair damage now and you will have good and healthy hair for a long time. The secret is to eat well and groom well. Follow the above tips for all natural hair care.

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