Tips to Shave Your Head

Considering Shaving Your Head With a Razor? This Guide Is For You!

Bruce Willis. Jason Statham. Vin Diesel.

The number of actors supporting a shaved, bald head is increasing by the day. And they don’t look bad. They are able to carry off their bald pate quite in style.

Whatever the reason – men go for shaved head if their hair is thinning, or hairlines are receding, or bald patches have appeared. A completely shaved head hides all signs of hair loss. But of course it is not for everyone. Some people look good with a bald look, others don’t. So if you don’t like your shaved head looks, just let your hair grow back.

Let’s start by discussing the advantages of shaving off the hair off your head. There are several of them:

  • It’s a solution to hair loss
  • It’s a way to hide thinning hair, receding hairlines and bald spots
  • Some men look younger with a shaved head
  • It saves cost of shampoos, conditioners, haircuts and hair care products
  • It is a practical solution in hot climates
  • You can leave your worries about hair styling or ruffled hair

But despite the advantages, it is not a simple decision. Many men really don’t feel comfortable about baldness. It also does not suit everyone. Film stars are in a different league: but if you are a normal office goer, your colleagues are sure to comment on your looks and make jokes about it. Before you take the decision about shaving your head, it would be better to consider all the pros and the cons of the decision. Remember that a bald look is not everyone’s idea of looking smart.

Before you take the final step, it might be a good idea to see how you would look. Get your picture photo-shopped and remove all your hair in the picture. You will get a good idea about how you would look. That will prevent you from taking a decision that you might repent later on. Remember that a shaved look might work for some people but not for others. Shaving off one’s hair on the head is a bold decision and you may need to prepare yourself for a lot of questions from family and friends. Be sure to consider all alternatives before you decide to support a bald look.

What else can you do?

Let’s be practical – supporting a shaved head is not everybody’s cup of tea. You will be immediately noticed wherever you go. Be prepared for constant questioning about your hairstyle. Your colleagues at the office may get used to it after a while but you may often be the butt of jokes. Also remember that you will have to shave your head regularly, and it is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Keeping these disadvantages in mind, we suggest the following alternative courses of action:

Keep it short: You can always keep your hair short as an alternative to a shaved head. This will be comfortable enough and you need not keep shaving your head.

Go for styling: If you want to hide your bald patches by shaving your head, ask for the opinion of a stylist. A change in hair style will help you hide your bald patches rather than going completely bald.

Ignore it: Another strategy is to ignore your lack of hair, if you can. People do not pay attention to your hair and male baldness is accepted. So get used to your thinning hair if you can.

Go for hair transplant: An ideal solution is to go for a hair transplant. These days modern methods or hair transplant are available, which are very effective. In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), individual follicular units are grafted and extracted. It leaves very small dot shaped scars which are easy to hide. The hair is your natural hair, and the method is best to get your natural looks back.

Getting your head shaved

If after considering all alternatives you still want to support a shaved head look, you need to know how to do it. You can use electric shavers or manual razors, but the easiest way is to go to a saloon and have it done. This is better than doing it yourself as shaving the back of your head is not easy and will cause problems. You may even cut yourself with the razor.

The next thing is how often you should have this done. It really depends on the growth of the hair. If you want a smooth, shiny pate, you might have to do it more often, but if you are happy with a little bit of growth, you can delay the shaving. But regular maintenance is important.

A Big Decision

Shaving off your head is a big decision. There may be several reasons that you want this done, but do think through the alternatives before you take the step. There may be an easier method to change your looks, such as change in hair styling or hair transplant with the modern FUE method. A shiny, bald head will make you stand out and people will notice and comment on it. Celebrities may get away with bald looks but it will be difficult for ordinary, office going people to carry off their shiny heads and to keep the head shaved regularly. Think through whether you would be comfortable with that. But remember that you need not get your head shaved simply because your hair is thinning or balding.

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