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Different Temporary And Permanent Facial Hair Removal Methods

People spend a great deal of time in removing hair from their face or styling the facial hair according to their desire. Men spend time every morning shaving or trimming their beards, and women have to remove unwanted hair from their face. Unwanted facial hair is embarrassing as it spoils the looks and the confidence of a person because people see the face and form their impressions. This article describes common temporary as well as permanent facial hair removal methods. Removing facial hair is a chore no doubt, and we examine here how best it can be done.

Temporary and Permanent Facial Hair Removal Methods

  • Shaving

    Shaving is the most common facial hair removal method and is the easiest. In terms of convenience, it is the best: simply lather your skin and remove hair with a razor. One can also use an electric shaver for the purpose. Electric shavers are mostly used on dry skin. Shaving leaves behind a smooth skin as it cuts hair very close to the skin. Razors have improved in efficiency over the years, and are easy to use, not requiring the change of blades as was the case in earlier times. Shaving is quick and fast and gives instant results.

    In terms of ease, shaving has no equal. It is painless and inexpensive and does not require much training or equipment. It is a simple process and can also be applied to legs and underarms. Today shaving creams and gels are available that lather and moisturize the skin. Razors are also safe to use.

    However, razors can give nicks, cuts and abrasions. They can also cause irritation to the skin. Repeated shaving makes the hair rough and hard. It also has short results, as small hair starts showing after a few hours. Despite these shortcomings, shaving has advantages and gives instant results. It is not suitable for ladies for facial hair removal and is suitable only for men. The reason is that the skin gets hard and the re-grown hair too gives a hard, rough look. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid shaving.

  • Hair removal creams

    Another easy method to get rid of unwanted facial hair is to use hair removal creams. Such creams usually contain chemicals that react with the hair so that it “wears away.” A person can apply the cream directly on the skin just like any other cosmetic. It is removed after some time, leaving behind smooth skin. However, keep in mind that such creams contain chemicals and therefore care must be used while using them. People with sensitive skin or who are allergic to chemicals must not use them. The chemical content may also cause skin irritation and may have a strong smell. But the advantages are that hair removal creams are effective, convenient and fast acting. They are easily available and are do-it-yourself routines.

  • Waxing

    Waxing is another common method and is mostly used by women. It can be used in different areas of the body and lasts longer than shaving. It removes hair from the roots but is painful. The process is like this: wax or sugar paste is applied to the area where hair is to be removed. It is then covered with a cloth or special paper so that it sticks to the hair and skin. Then it is quickly pulled off in one movement, pulling the hair out from the root as it is removed. The advantage is that the hair is removed right from the root. As it lasts longer, it saves time. It leaves the skin smooth. However, it is painful and sometimes causes skin irritation.

  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    These days laser technology is being used for permanent facial hair removal treatment. It is a permanent method, so it saves a lot of time for people who have to remove hair repeatedly. The laser is a high energy light beam that treats hair follicles so that hair growth is inhibited. The pulsating beam of light destroys the hair follicles and makes the hair weak which then falls out. The hair follicle does not produce any further hair for a long time and that is why it has a permanent effect. However, it is not a do-it-yourself method and can be done by trained people with the necessary equipment. This increases the cost of the method.

    It is not as painful as waxing but multiple settings may be required over some months. It may also cause irritation in some cases and is not suitable for people with dark skin. Laser facial hair growth treatment can be used on the chin, upper lip, side lock, and forehead. For men, the treatment can give a defined moustache and beard, resulting in better looks. The laser technique has no side effects and does not affect the surrounding skin. It saves a lot of time as it reduces repeated visits to the salon for hair removal.

  • Hair removal devices

    Certain hair removal devices have also been developed and are easily available. Small laser devices and similar light-based devices are quite effective in permanent hair removal. They can be used easily at home. The devices are not very expensive and make technology affordable. Though they achieve permanent results, their results can vary and have to be used multiple times.


Facial hair can be embarrassing and requires regular clearing. Several methods are available and they vary in cost and ease of use. But their effectiveness is quite good. It is important that you choose the method that is best suited for your skin type and lifestyle. Seek the help of specialists and do not depend on experimentation on facial areas. The specialist can guide you on the best method of facial hair removal that will be best suited for you.

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