how to get rid of dandruff

Get Rid of the “Snow Flakes” on your Head: Say Goodbye to Dandruff

Many people tend to get “snow-flakes” on their heads – or dandruff. The condition is common, but it looks bad, and affects one’s appearance and confidence and people always seems lost in the thought of how to get rid of dandruff. Since white particles are immediately noticeable on one’s hair, it gives an untidy and unhygienic look, embarrassing the person.

There are many myths about dandruff and a common myth is that dandruff is dryness of the skin, and people try to cure it by using oil. This often aggravates the problem. The first thing therefore is to know what exactly it is. It is not a result of dryness or lack of washing. It is actually a fungal disease that is quite common. The medical term of the condition is seborrheic dermatitis and it is caused by malassezia, a type of fungus. It causes excessive skin cells in the scalp which die and become flakes and eventually dandruff.

Dandruff looks bad, but it has worse consequences. It leads to itching and irritation, and leads to hair loss. So treating dandruff early is important. Do not let the condition linger on, thinking that it will go away by itself. Do not also follow remedies like oiling, which will only make the condition worse. Consult a specialist or a doctor instead.

There are several remedies available for dandruff control. You must have seen dandruff control shampoos and other medicinal preparations in the market. So it can be easily cured. Several home cures are also suggested. You can try these cures and if they do not help, seek the advice of a doctor. But it is very important to first understand the causes of dandruff.

Causes of dandruff

Let us try to find out the causes of dandruff, which will lead us to cures. The most common reasons are less cleaning of the scalp, and improper combing or brushing of hair. Diet is also known to affect dandruff, while stress is another factor. Skin diseases and illnesses may also lead to dandruff.

Try to remove these causes from your life. Preventive measures include regular cleaning using a shampoo that is most suitable for you and eating a well balanced diet. Reducing stress from your life by meditation or yoga is also a good idea. But if dandruff sets in, you have to look for cures. You can try home remedies or medicinal products available easily.

Home Cures of Dandruff

Many home remedies are suggested for dandruff control. While some are impractical and difficult, we recommend trying some easy ways to get rid of dandruff.

  • Massage with coconut or olive oil with neem leaves and lemon. You can boil neem leaves and apply the paste on your scalp, which is known to be very helpful
  • Coconut oil with honey, curd or lemon juice is also common home remedies.
  • Washing with aspirin solution or mixing it with your shampoo is another remedy. Aspirin, which contains salicylic acid is known  to be helpful in fighting fungal infections
  • Using a mixture of baking soda with lemon, or with Dettol liquid, will also help getting rid of dandruff.

However, these remedies may sometimes not be enough. You will then need a medicinal shampoo or hair wash product that can help control your dandruff.

Medicinal products for dandruff control

Most medicinal products for dandruff control should have anti-fungal properties. Ingredients like ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione help fight fungal infections and control yeast.

Look for a shampoo that contains any of these ingredients and hopefully your dandruff should become a thing of the past.

However, for stubborn dandruff conditions, a doctor’s advice is invaluable.

Though dandruff looks bad and threatens to spoil your confidence, it can be easily cured. Instead of carrying a headful of snow flakes and white particles which others notice and comment upon, why not just try some simple remedies?

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