Hair Care Tips and Mistakes

Hair Care Tips and Mistakes

In this fast-paced world, taking care of our tresses just with a normal shampoo is not enough. Nowadays, our hair goes through a lot in terms of pollution, chemical products, heating hair tools, unhealthy diet, etc. Hence, our hair demands more. Here are a few hair care mistakes that you must avoid and other tips and tricks to flaunt the perfect mane the next time you head out.

Common Hair Mistakes

There are many hair mistakes that are very commonly made. Some of them are given below.

  • Shampooing incorrectly
  • Applying chemical products on the roots
  • Ignoring proper diet
  • Using an incorrect type of brush
  • Using hot tools all the time
  • Hair spraying and intense styling
  • Sleeping with wet hair
  • Over-washing your hair
  • Keeping them tied all the time

If you avoid these mistakes, you will observe that you hair will become noticeably healthier, stronger and smoother.

Hair Care Routine For All Types Of Hair

Every type of hair, whether curly, straight or wavy, needs special care and effort. Following proper hair care routine according to your hair type will do wonders to your hair.

  • Straight Hair
    For straight hair, use a sulphate-free shampoo that gently removes dirt, grime and greasiness. Since straight hair tends to get oily faster, you can wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Conditioning is also very important for straight hair but only a light conditioner should be used which will not weigh the hair down. Do not apply conditioner on the roots. Due to straighten hair, the hair can sometimes look flat and volume-less. Use coconut oil, jojoba oil or argan oil to promote hair growth.
  • Wavy Hair
    Wavy hair has a higher chance of falling out. Thus, it is suggested that you wash your hair only after 3-4 days. Wavy hair is more prone to frizziness and dryness than straight hair. it is essential that you massage your scalp with coconut oil an hour before washing your hair. This will give a natural shine to your hair. Shampoo your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and apply a conditioner. You a hair serum late to prevent dryness and fraying.
  • Curly hair
    Curly hair demands most of the attention as they are a bit tough to manage. This type is the most prone to frizziness. They can easily lose their grace if not well taken care of. They look dry because the scalp’s natural oil does not well scatter in them evenly. Use mild shampoos on your curly hair instead of any harsh shampoos. This is necessary to preserve the oils. Also, limit washing the hair to only twice a week to prevent hair damage. However, if you want, you can condition your hair on alternate days. Also, apply a hair serum made for curly hair for the perfect glossy and defined curls.

Follow these hair care tips for picture-perfect hair. All these tips would definitely help you to get the most well-behave locks regardless of its type.

Hair Care Tips For Men

  • Stop Over Washing
    Men have a common habit of washing their hair every time they go for a bath as their short hair are very easy to wash every day. However, this should not be done. It can lead to intense hair dryness and hair fall. Therefore. do not wash your hair daily. Instead, confine it to only to 2-3 times a week.
  • Skip Chemical Products
    Do not load your hair with extra products such as hair sprays, hair gels, hair wax and a lot more. The more you use these products, the more the hair gets damaged. Thus, it is suggested to use natural products like aloe vera gel for moisturizing and beeswax for hair styling.
  • Avoid Rubbing Wet Hair
    It can be very tempting to rub the hair vigorously with a towel for quick drying. However, this tends to damage the hair and cause hair fall. One should always pat the hair dry with a soft towel.
  • Trim It
    Even if you are planning to grow your mane, it is essential that you trim your hair regularly.  Trimming helps get rid of split ends and dry damaged hair. it will instantly make you look neat, clean and well-trimmed.
  • Avoid Heat
    Try to avoid hot styling tools such as straighteners and hair dryers as much as possible. Even if you have to use it, limit it to special occassions and use a hair protectant serum before styling. Also, stay away from taking hot water showers as excessive heat damages the hair. It is best to wash the hair with either cold ot lukewarm water.
  • Eat Well
    One of the most important tips for improving the hair health is to eat a balanced diet. It keeps the hair naturally healthy and strong.

Hair Care Tips For Women

  • Massage Your Scalp
    For strong hair, it is very important that the scalp also remains healthy. Thus, it is recommended that you massage your scalp with a hair oil before every hair wash. Massaging improves the blood circulation in the scalp which boosts hair follicle growth. Use coconut oil if it is available as it has exfoliating, anti-bacterial and intense moisturizing properties.

  • Change Hairstyles
    It is also important to switch your hairstyle from time to time to avoid traction alopecia. This will help your hair grow better and look different. You should also avoid tight hairstyles very frequently.

  • Choose The Right Hair Care Products
    When it comes to choosing the right shampoo or conditioner for you. Do not go for the one that attracts you. Choose the one that actually suits your hair type and targets your hair problem.

  • Eat Right
    Whether it is men or women, eating right should be the top priority for healthy body and hair. Avoid junk food and make sure to eat a balanced diet.

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