Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Hair Fusion

Hair Transplant Vs. Cosmetic Hair Fusion – Which is Better?

If you have suffered from hair loss or baldness and you do not like the look, you have two hair loss treatments options before you: hair transplant or cosmetic hair fusion. Obviously, you want the best for yourself. Which one to choose between hair transplant and cosmetic hair fusion? To clarify your doubts and queries, I will explain cosmetic hair fusion in this article so that you can decide the one that is most suitable for you.

Hair Fusion

Hair Fusion consists of using human hair obtained from donors which can be worn as wigs to conceal the thinning hair and balding spots. It is an instant solution and helps cover up spots which may be embarrassing. Since it is human hair, the appearance is quite natural and others are not able to make out whether it is one’s natural hair or a hair fusion. It brings back one’s confidence as it improves one’s appearance immediately by giving a head full of hair. It is used by a large number of men and women who may have lost hair due to natural causes or from diseases such as cancer.

Hair used for fusion can be raw human hair or processed hair. Raw hair, or Remy, is kept just as it is obtained from a donor. No processing is done. The direction of the hair is in the downward direction as it would grow from the head. That is why it looks very natural and is comfortable for the person wearing it. Processed hair, on the other hand, consists of hair that undergoes some change, such as colouring or chemical processing and silicone coating. Such hair is used if the user wants different sets for different looks but it is not as strong as raw human hair.

Advantages of Hair Fusion

  • Natural Look and Feel

    Human hair looks and feels very natural as compared to synthetic fibres. It has the shine, colour and texture of natural hair. Cosmetic Hair Fusion gives the same feel as one’s natural hair. It feels light and soft as compared to manmade fibres that will feel hard and different.

  • Styling

    Fusion hair extension wigs can be styled anyway one likes. You can shampoo and blow dry it, use curlers or wear it straightened out.

A major advantage of human hair over synthetic wigs is that synthetic hair can melt or catch fire whereas human hair does not get damaged by heat unless it is excessive.

Disadvantages of Human Hair Fusion

At the same time, you should be aware of some disadvantages as well. Some of these are described below:

  • Expensive

    Natural looks come with a price. Donors have to be paid to part with their hair. This makes it more expensive than synthetic hair.

  • Care

    Human hair wigs require regular care. They require regular shampoo, combing and styling, just as one’s own hair. Pre-set wigs do not require such care. So choose human hair only if you have the time to look after it.

  • Damage

    Human hair wigs will have limited life as they will get damaged over time from regular combing, brushing, styling, and so on.

Fusion hair extension is for people who want the natural look and feel of human hair. People will not be able to make out whether it is one’s natural hair or a wig. It is used by people who have lost their hair due to natural causes or due to medical conditions.

As we have seen, human hair gives the natural look and feel to the wearer and has many advantages over synthetic wigs and fibres. But since it requires regular care, some people prefer wigs made of artificial fibres. If you do not have time to care for a wig every day, synthetic material will work for you. It does not require daily care and people can easily wear it like a cap. Synthetic wigs also cost less than human hair. Styling is easy: you can keep two or more wigs with different styles and colours to be worn for different occasions. As technology improves, synthetic fibres are becoming better as they resemble human hair.

However, synthetic fibres may not give very natural looks. People can make out that they are artificial because the fibres tend to be hard. Moreover, artificial wigs will have permanent looks, colour and styling, which cannot be changed. If you are content with the same look every day, then artificial wigs will work for you.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants, as compared to wigs, are permanent. In this process, hair grows just as one’s natural hair would. The FUE is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site’. The follicles are then re-planted on the balding part known as the ‘recipient site.’ This is basically a hair restoration approach. Transplant procedures have improved greatly in recent years. Today, you can get your natural hair back by these methods.


We have described above the methods of restoring your looks. You are the best judge of what method you wish to adopt. Consider the benefits of each and then take a decision. If you want a permanent method that requires very little maintenance, choose a hair transplant. If you don’t mind a single style and can give time for maintenance, choose human hair. And if you want a quick solution to improving your looks, buy a wig with synthetic hair.

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