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How To Grow And Take Care Of Long Hair

Long hair is an asset in many ways. It can be styled in a number of ways: you can leave it open and let everyone admire it, or make it into a braid, or adorn it in a number of ways. A number of hair styles for long hair are available and you can change your style whenever you want. Long hair looks beautiful indeed, provided it is well cared for and gives a smooth, shiny and flowing look.

Though long hair has its advantages, it requires maintenance and looking after. Prepare to spend a lot of time in looking after it and preparing it every day. In this article I explain how to grow really long and silky hair and how to look after it. Long hair requires patience to grow and looking after – since hair grows only about 1 cm a month it will take time to get it to the length you want. Follow these steps if you want long and beautiful hair.

Trim regularly: It is necessary to get rid of split ends and damaged hair regularly. Split ends are a cause of hair loss and thinning. They slow down the growth of hair. Regular trimming of hair removes the split ends and helps in the growth of hair. Of course, don’t reach for the scissors every time you see a split end: do not over-trim by cutting hair too often.

Do not over-wash: Some people believe that using shampoo everyday is the way to keep hair shiny and beautiful. But using shampoo everyday will lead to a dry scalp and loss of natural oils. So keep your shampoo routine within limits. While washing hair, massage the scalp with your hands for a while. This will help in blood circulation and hair growth. Once again I recommend use of shampoos that contain natural herbs rather than chemicals. Choose one in consultation with your stylist.

Beauty from within: No amount of beauty products can substitute beauty from within. Your skin and hair reflects what you eat. Healthy hair requires a good, well balanced diet of healthy foods. Eat a protein rich diet, complete with vegetables and fruit. Include Omega 3 oils in your diet and Vitamin E to keep your hair shiny and beautiful. And remember our earlier advice: drink a lot of water.

Follow a weekly oil schedule: A good habit for healthy hair is using oil and moisture masks every week. Massage your hair with oil at night and leave it there before washing the next morning. A regular scalp massage will make you feel good and help in releasing oils in the scalp. In this way, the roots are strengthened and the hair is kept healthy. People normally use coconut or almond oil for best results.

Change your brushing habits: Ever seen ladies brushing their hair for long periods of time? They believe that brushing hair for long improves its looks, but it may also cause breakage. One should brush gently and use a broad toothed comb. Avoid brushing or combing wet hair.

Long hair problems: Long hair comes with many problems. We will describe these problems in a separate article. But one common problem with long hair is that hair will get tangled no matter what you do. This will cause you a lot of agony when you are combing. One way to avoid tangling is to keep it in a loose braid at least for the time that you are at home. Shampooing and drying long hair also takes time. With long hair, you must really have patience. Tangling is also avoided by regular oiling. Ask your mom to give you a scalp massage every week or get a weekly treatment from your hair stylist.

Yes, long hair looks beautiful, but it must be accompanied by a lot of care. You can build the care into your routine everyday so that it does not appear cumbersome. And do get prepared for a lot of compliments that you will be getting on your beautiful, long hair!

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