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How to Help Keep Your Hair Color Looking Healthy

So you have added color to your hair. Great!

Hair color – even a few streaks – adds glamour to your looks. Both men and women get their hair colored these days, and it makes them look smart and cool.

But hair care for colored hair is important too. You want it to last longer, but sometimes the chemicals in the colors tend to make your hair rough and prone to damage. I will describe here how to look after your hair coloring so that it continues to look beautiful and smart.

  • Prepare: Don’t go for hair coloring without preparing for it. A simple step is to apply coconut oil on your hair a day before you go for hair color. But an ideal way is to begin oiling your hair at least two months before you plan to get your hair coloring done. This will ensure proper nourishment and texture for proper retention of hair color.
  • Select the product carefully: Many hair color brands contain chemicals, ammonia and bleach which tend to harm hair texture. So select your hair color product carefully. Avoid a color that contains chemicals you have never heard of. These days a large number of options are available in the market, including herbal alternatives. Ask your stylist to apply one that is most natural and least harmful.
  • Shampoo: Use a shampoo recommended by your stylist. Let the color set for a few days before you wash your hair. Ask your stylist how often you need to shampoo and follow his advice. As color may wash off, especially from newly colored hair, following shampoo instructions is very important. These days a large number of shampoo options are available in the market. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that guarantees to protect the color on your hair. Also, you may have to reduce the number of hair washes that you are used to. With each wash, some hair color will come off.
  • Conditioner: Choose a conditioner that protects color in the hair. These days leave-in conditioners are available that help protect the hair. These products are also useful in summers and retain moisture in your hair.
  • Trim the edges: To reduce the damage to your hair, trim your hair. If you have changed your hair color completely, you might have to trim a larger length of your hair.
  • Avoid hot water: Using hot water in your hair tends to rob your hair of moisture and essential oils. It tends to make hair rough. Use cold water or at most slightly warm water on your colored hair.

These simple steps will help you retain your hair color longer. They will also help protect your hair from damage. Remember that hair is your asset and the less damage you cause to it the better. So choose your color treatments and products carefully.

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