How To Restore A Receding Hairline

How To Restore A Receding Hairline With Permanent Solutions?

Has a cap turned into a necessity for shielding your receding hairline than a style statement? A person has a receding hairline when they start experiencing hair loss in the front of the scalp. This condition can worsen over time if the person does not engage in a hair fall solution. Though men are more affected by it, women are also not behind in falling prey to a receding hairline.

A receding hairline can be quite embarrassing and can completely shatter the confidence of a person. It is important to manage a receding hairline to contain it or regrow it.

Symptoms and Causes of Receding Hairline


  • Hair thinning: The hair around the temple region starts thinning and the scalp becomes more visible through the hair.
  • Extreme hair loss: One experiences increased hair loss while combing and showering.
  • Uneven hairline: The hairline is not straight or defined and bald patches appear on either side of the forehead.


  • Genetic: Family history and genes can largely impact in determining hair loss in a person
  • Stress: Our stressful lives can show its effect on hair as well.
  • Age: As the age of a person increases, the hairline begins to recede back more and more.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormones can create havoc as an agent of hair loss.
  • Lifestyle choices: Eating an unhealthy diet and not taking care of the hair can also promote a receding hairline.
  • Wrong Up-do’s: Using hot tools to style the hair and doing tight hairstyles can also cause hair loss, especially in the front of the head.

Temporary Receding Hairline Solutions

  • Tone down the usage of hot tools and ditch tight rubber bands to give your hair a break.
  • Change the natural parting of your hair to the other side. A natural parting can aggravate receding hairline.
  • Oil the hair with essential oils to provide the nourishment it needs.
  • Cover your hair with a scarf to protect it from pollution and wind. They cause hair to dry out and frizz making it more prone to fall.

Permanent  Receding Hairline Treatment

A balding and receding hairline can make a person more conscious of his/her looks. To get a fuller mane back, you can choose the following treatment options for hair regrowth treatment:

  • PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a hair loss solution where the platelet-rich plasma from the blood of the patient is injected into the scalp to stimulate and trigger natural hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy has been known to be effective for hair growth stimulation and hair rejuvenation. Alopecia patients have especially seen positive results from mesotherapy.
  • Hair transplant: Hair transplantation is an amazing treatment for getting permanent natural looking hair. The hair grafts from one part of the scalp are transplanted on the bald patch. FUE or FUT technology can be used for hair transplants.

The hair transplant treatment, PRP therapy as well as mesotherapy treatments can be accessed from a hair transplant clinic.  The cost of permanent receding hairline treatments depends on the type of treatment, the experience of the surgeon and the location of the clinic. Hair transplant costs can further depend upon the number of grafts required and level of baldness.

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