15 Best Food Items for healthy hair and scalp

Include 15 Food Items In Your Diet For Healthy Hair And Scalp

It is often said that beauty comes from within. Though this is generally true, is 100% true in the case of hair care. What you eat has a direct impact on the looks and health of your hair. So if you want long, healthy hair and scalp, eat a healthy and balanced diet. In this article, I will describe 15 best food items to promote the healthy hair and scalp for your killer looks.

Though beautiful and shiny hair can be obtained by cosmetics and regular care, a good diet will help it look beautiful naturally, from within. So your hair care routine must start with eating good, healthy and nourishing meals. This will also help you avoid the hair damage that results from the pollution, heat and environmental factors, including irregular lifestyles. Even if you are blessed with great hair, these factors will cause irreparable harm to your hair, so a healthy diet becomes very important.

Food Items For Healthy Hair and Scalp

Remember that what you eat is reflected in your hair. A good diet is therefore essential for great looks and great hair. Here is a list of 15 food items that you must include in your diet for healthy hair and scalp.

  • Red Meat

    Red meat is rich in iron, which increases blood circulation and is beneficial for hair roots and scalp. Iron helps in hair growth as it provides it with the much-needed oxygen. Lack of iron means blood circulation problems with less supply of oxygen to vital body parts such as hair. It causes damage to the roots and is a major contributor to hair loss. An iron-rich hair care diet will help blood circulation naturally resulting in shiny and healthy hair.

  • Eggs

    Eggs are rich in Vitamin B12 and proteins which help in nourishing the hair. Hair growth is encouraged and hair loss is prevented. Eggs are also a rich source of zinc and iron, both of which are important for healthy hair. They also contain biotin, which prevents hair loss.

  • Fish

    Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to help in shiny hair. If you cannot have fish, then have nuts or Omega 3 supplements.

  • Beans

    Beans and other vegetables such as cucumbers, potatoes and sprouts contain silica, which helps in the absorption of vitamins. Highly beneficial for hair, beans contain proteins too that help in hair growth.

  • Coriander

    Indian foods use plenty of coriander. By removing toxic metals, coriander helps hair growth and reduces hair thinning.

  • Paneer

    Paneer or cottage cheese is also rich in proteins and casein. There are many paneer dishes made in Indian homes. Regular use of cottage cheese in your diet is good for hair growth.

  • Nuts and seeds

    Walnuts, almonds and flax seeds are rich in iron, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids. They encourage scalp health and result in hair growth.

  • Chicken

    Chicken is rich in protein, zinc, iron, and Vitamin B. All these contribute to the growth of thick and strong hair.

  • Green Vegetables

    Green vegetables provide Vitamin A and C and also have good amounts of iron. They are therefore the best food for hair growth. Spinach and lettuce can also be had raw, both of which are rich sources of iron, beta carotene and other helpful vitamins for scalp regeneration.

  • Milk and curd

    Dairy products such as milk and curd are next. Rich in proteins and calcium, milk and milk products provide good support for hair growth.

  • Sprouts

    Easy to prepare and make, sprouts provide the additional proteins for hair growth. They are recommended to counter hair thinning due to age. Any sprouts can be grown at home and raw or a little steam makes them fit for a meal!

  • Citrus fruits

    Oranges, lemons and the like add a punch of Vitamin C, which helps in building immunity and supports radiant hair. They keep the hair moisturised.

  • Broccoli

    Broccoli is rich in vitamins A and C. By producing sebum, it keeps the hair and scalp healthy. Broccoli keeps the hair shiny and lustrous.

  • Mangoes

    Mangoes are rich sources of beta carotene and in Vitamin E. This natural and delicious fruit will keep your skin and hair in perfect order!

  • Tomatoes

    Eat tomatoes raw or cooked. The lycopene in tomatoes is an antioxidant.


Include all this in your regular meals and see the difference. If you want healthy hair and scalp, these simple dietary additions in your diet plan for hair growth will go a long way in helping you.

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