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Look Younger With 10 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Let’s accept it: time and age catches up with everybody. With time, our skin starts ageing and our hair starts thinning. We no longer look the way we used to.

But it is not necessary that we start looking old. Have you noticed how some people receive compliments for their smooth, soft and glowing skin and beauty even as they have grown old? In fact, we can look young and fresh even in our advancing years provided we follow healthy lifestyles. With a few simple changes, we can maintain our looks, a flawless skin and healthy hair.

Ageing occurs in two ways. The first is intrinsic, in which our body undergoes natural changes due to time and our inherent genes. The second is the harm done by changes in the body due to our unhealthy lifestyles or exposure to environmental elements: the sun, wind and dust harm our skin if we are excessively exposed to them. These can be corrected with lifestyle changes, protection and care.

Here are ten simple steps that anyone can follow, which will make you look and feel young and smart.

  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking is the one bad habit that spoils your looks. Continued smoking activates enzymes that harm the skin. Apart from other health risks, smoking causes the skin to undergo premature ageing, showing wrinkles and becomes dull. You can do yourself a favour by letting go of the habit, and the effects will start showing on your skin. You will notice people complementing you on your looks once you stop smoking.

  1. Have regular, healthy meals

We like to look busy and often skip meals in favour of fast foods. I have always advocated eating regular habits as far as meals are concerned. A lifestyle change that you can adopt is to have patient, nourishing meals. Include leafy vegetables, cereals, fruits, milk products and unsaturated fats in your meals. Switch to Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in a range of foods. A young and smooth skin requires a regular diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, eggs, and so on.

  1. Drink water

Drinking water is a good habit that you can acquire. It is the best favour that you will do for your body. Carry a bottle with you when you are going out, and make it a point to take regular breaks to drink water. It will help you in a lot of areas, such as better digestion, increased energy especially in the hot weather, weight loss, and detoxifying the body. It is very good for the skin as it gets hydrated, making it look smooth and healthy. Drinking water is a cheap but effective beauty treatment!

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercising improves the blood flow, tones the muscles and even helps in mental alertness. Its effects start showing on your looks as well, with a younger looking skin, face and hair.

  1. Give Up Alcohol

Young people think drinking alcohol is smart, but do not realize the harm it does to our bodies. Alcohol is a dehydrating factor, and regular drinking will only impact your skin and scalp by making them dry and rough. You will also start looking older if you drink regularly.

  1. Follow a skin treatment routine

Make it a point to cleanse and moisturize your skin every day. This is important if you use make-up regularly. Similarly, follow your hair care routine with weekly oiling and regular washing. In the hot season, make sure your hair and skin are well moisturized.

  1. Get good sleep

Modern lifestyles deprive people of sleep. While occasional sleep deprivation does no harm, if you sleep for less that 7 to 8 hours daily, it will start showing on your face in the form of dark circles and wrinkles, apart from other health risks. So get a good night’s sleep every day if you do not want to look tired and older than you are.

  1. Choose skin care products carefully

There is a plethora of beauty treatments available today, promising to make you look young. Choose products carefully: avoid chemical based products and choose natural products instead. Use only those products that you have tried and tested. Or seek the advice of a dermatologist for the best products for you.

  1. Get rid of stress

We do not realise it, but constant stress reflects on the way we look. While we cannot get rid of stress entirely, doing yoga and meditation can help us reduce stress to a great extent. Go for regular morning walks, be happy and seek solace in small things of life. A hobby like gardening is very helpful in reducing stress.

  1. Follow your common sense

Finally, follow some common sense rules. Avoid going too much in the sun. Use a sunscreen, avoid harsh products. Eat well and avoid sugary and fattening food but stick to what your mother always advised.

By following these 10 lifestyle changes, you can maintain your looks and remain young for a long, long, time.

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