Prevent hair damage

Prevent Hair Damage by Simple Habits

As we go about our jobs and our lives, our hair faces many dangers  every day. We use chemicals and styling products on our hair, the sun, the dust and the pollution – everything takes a toll on our health and reflects on  our skin and hair.

While we cannot avoid the exposure to these elements, we can certainly look after our hair following simple methods that don’t cost anything.  All we have to do is to be a little more careful about the way we treat our hair and skin so that we continue enjoying good health and good looks.

I am mentioning here how simple precautions can  prevent hair damage, both for men and women. You will find you are losing fewer strands of hair every day, with less irritation and dryness of the scalp, and your hair will  last longer.

Drying your hair: Many of us are in the habit of drying our hair by rubbing the towel on  our heads. Since wet hair is weak, we weaken the strands by rubbing the towel. The correct way to dry hair is to wrap a towel around the wet hair, let it soak the moisture and then let it dry on its own. Do not use hair dryers, and if you do, avoid using hot air to dry your hair.

Combing and brushing: Similarly, avoid combing or brushing your hair while it is still wet. Let the hair dry for a while, then comb or brush it while it is still damp. This simple habit will help you prevent harm to the roots of your hair.

Styling methods: Certain styling methods damage the hair, especially those that tend to tighten the hair and use heat. Heat damages the scalp and hair. While the styling looks good, exposure to heat for long periods is certainly not good for your hair health. My advice is to avoid styling methods that pull your hair or use high heat procedures.

Tight styles: Supporting styles that pull your hair tightly, such as braiding and tight ponytails cause pressure on the hair roots. It is called traction alopecia and weakens the hair. A person may not feel it, but if done regularly, this pulling of the hair everyday causes long term harm. It may lead to damage to the follicles and causes hair loss over time.

Stop Experimenting: My advice is not to use too many cosmetics and products on your hair. Hair creams, gels, shampoos, conditioners, serums, are meant to be used for a short time. Applying too many of them, each containing chemicals and preservatives, will harm your hair. Do not experiment with different products.  Just follow your trusted routine. If you have to try out new products, do so after consulting a specialist. Remember that after all, it is your hair: it is not a matter of experimentation!

Just by adopting these simple habits, you can avoid damage to your scalp and hair. Try to avoid unnecessary pulling and stress to your hair. Use gentle brushed and wide toothed combs. Do not shampoo and use conditioner every day. And stop experimenting with every new product that is launched in the market.

This is how you will  enjoy the benefit of great hair for a longer age. Sure some degeneration occurs with age, but you can slow down that degeneration by following simple, good habits.

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