Summer Hair Care Tips

Useful Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

Ever looked at celebrities and film stars and wondered how they keep their long and lustrous hair? Ever wished to have hair like that?

But summer can be really damaging for your hair, with the heat picking up in India in May and June. In this article we give you the secrets of having long and beautiful hair even in summer. The hot weather requires special care and you need to look after your hair well. A little care now will prevent agony of losing hair later on!

What does hair require? Simple care, that’s all. Just take the following precautions and you will be assured of beautiful hair. This advice applies both to men and women.

Select a good shampoo: The first step is to select a good shampoo that is most suitable for your hair. You may have tried many products and by now you know what suits you and what doesn’t. So selecting a suitable shampoo is really the first step. And remember, you do not don’t have to shampoo everyday – it will only dry your scalp. If you are not sure about the shampoo you should use, consult a specialist. But having a good shampoo is really essential.

Conditioner: You also need a good conditioner that protects you from the sun and wind. There are several options available today: conditioners that can repair your hair and color protectors. These shampoos will prevent the harm caused by heat.

Drink water: It is always advisable to have a lot of water in summer to prevent dehydration. It works for your hair as well, as it provides moisture to the roots. So it is a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy and regularly drink from it, especially when you have to go out.

Include fruit in your diet: Summer months are blessed with a lot of healthy fruit. The markets are full of water melons and mangoes, apart from many other fruit. Make fruit a regular habit, apart from you other nourishing diet. A good balanced diet is your guarantee against hair fall.

Protect your hair: While going out protect your hair. Cover it so that direct sun rays do not harm it. This is difficult for men but some protection is always a good idea.

Avoid styling: Styling is usually done with heat. In summer, you can forego styling as your hair is already feeling the heat of the weather. If at all you need styling, use tools that do not use excess heat.

Seek advice: Should you need any specialist advice about hair loss treatments in summer, please seek an appointment with medical personnel in your city. They will guide you about the best methods to avoid hair loss. Should you need to regain your hair, hair transplant is sometimes the only option.

Just these simple tips will keep your hair protected from the summer heat. After all, summer in India can be punishing. But it need not be for your hair!

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