common causes of hair loss

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is a natural process that happens with time and age. It affects both men and women, and happens to everybody. It is important to understand the common causes of hair loss and the precautions you have to take to protect your hair and also to be aware of the treatment possibilities.

Hair loss or alopecia is quite normal. With time and age, people lose hair count. Hair becomes thinner and sparse. An average person has about 150,000 hair follicles, and losing some of them is a natural process. The individual hairs follow a cycle of growing and shedding. The problem arises when the re-growth is less than the loss.

It is important to understand the causes why this happens and take protective steps right in the beginning.

Diet: The first issue in modern life is that people lack a balanced diet. We are so used to fast foods that we forget that our body needs a nourishing, well balanced diet. Inner nutrition strengthens the hair so it is important to eat a well balanced diet.

Irregular lifestyles: Modern life is full of irregular eating and drinking. Smoking and excessive drinking are also becoming common. While this may look good, what we do not understand is that these habits affect our body and our hair. It is better to have regular lifestyles and do not deprive yourself of sleep. Of course this does not mean you have to avoid all late night parties, but keeping a balanced life is always good for your body.

Heredity factors: Hair loss is also caused by your genes. If it is hereditary, there is nothing much you can do about it, except look after your hair and delay the onset of alopecia. We have given many tips on hair care.

Illnesses and medicines: Certain illnesses too affect the hair, and strong medicines too. Like in hereditary factors, there is nothing much you can do about this, because curing an illness is of prime importance. Should you begin to lose hair because of illnesses or string medicines, the only way out is to get a hair transplant done. Fortunately, the latest methods are now available in India. You can seek help and guidance from the best hair transplant clinic as to the best procedure for you.

Pregnancy and surgeries: The body changes during pregnancy. Hormonal Imbalances also occur, as they do during menopause as well. These impact the growth of your hair. Such changes make you lose hair. Look after of your hair during pregnancy is important. Seeking a doctor’s advice is important in these stages to minimise the loss.

Strong chemicals: Hair gets exposed to string chemicals in the shampoos and treatments that you use. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, the strong chemicals will harm the hair. Similarly, certain medicines to have many side effects. Some chemicals in your hair care like ammonia in hair colour, are harmful for the hair. We can advise avoidance of exposure to chemicals, but in many cases, it becomes unavoidable.

Should any of these things happen and your hair is affected, you can always seek help in hair transplant. An easy and convenient method, it restores your hair and looks. You can learn about different methods and what suits you best. These days the cost of hair transplants is also affordable, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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