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How Long The Skin-Care Routine Takes To Actually Work?

Let’s accept it – makeup helps us look good and feel good. Even in a recession, sales of lipstick increase, because putting on lipstick helps us feel good. It improves our mood and makes us feel glamorous.

Makeup is an instant fix. But for long-term beauty and healthy skin, long-term treatments are required. If you want your skin cells to be rejuvenated and look for a prolonged inner beauty, you really have to be patient and wait for results to show. Any treatment will begin to show results in not less than a few weeks.

Moisturizers of course show instant results. Your skin starts feeling smooth as soon as you apply them. Treating skin conditions like acne or dark spots will take longer. Taking vitamins will begin to show results after a month or more. Cleansers will help you feel nice and clean but if you are aiming for long term effects on your skin, you have to use them for about a month.

That is why instant beauty fixes shown in advertisements should not be believed. There are beauty masks and creams that promise instant beauty. They can only do so on a superficial level — when you remove the creams your skin will show the same damage. Similarly, products that promise instant glow may well give you a glamorous look by a makeup coating or a little bit of exfoliation. Age-defying instant fixes too make superficial changes and do not actually make your skin younger.

Use quick acting products for solving an immediate problem, like going to a party or an event. But do not include them in your daily beauty routine. If a product does not work for you, drop it immediately otherwise it may cause long term damage to your skin. Do not experiment with every new product that is launched in the market. Stick to your tried and tested products only, unless recommended by an expert or a doctor.

For long term beauty, you need to do take the following steps:

  • Have regular, nourishing meals
  • Have a high protein diet
  • Follow a regular lifestyle
  • Get rid of stress in your life
  • Exercise
  • Protect your skin and hair when you go out
  • Cleanse your skin daily

We have always recommended these lifestyle changes. But for real beauty, follow a routine that does not cause damage to your skin even a night skincare routine is equally helpful.

Once you change your beauty product or your routine, be patient for the results to show. Keep a consistent schedule, even though you may be tired after a hard day or a long party. It is said that it takes 21 days to develop habits, so if you can maintain your schedule for 21 days, it will become a habit with you.
For many skin treatments, the results will show only after 8-12 weeks. For fairer skin, removal of patches and dark circles, it might take even longer. If you are going out in the sun, it might even take more than that for results to show!


Slowing the effects of ageing and removal of wrinkles is not an easy task. Miracle creams just cannot work. Once you start using an anti-wrinkle cream, wait for six weeks or more before it will show results. Keep a picture of yourself before you start applying the product and compare it with your latest picture to see whether the fairness cream or the ant-wrinkle cream has worked.

Remember that there are no short-cuts to beauty. Your hair and skin require daily care and a habit to remain young and fresh for years to come.

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