Natural Skin Detox Treatments

Skin detoxification: Natural Skin Detox Treatments

Skin detoxification- Natural Skin Detox Treatments

Our skin faces several challenges every day. The fast pace of modern life, exposure to sun and various chemicals, pollution, stress and tension, all tend to have a negative effect on the skin. If not cared for, the skin becomes dull and lifeless and starts showing signs of age. It is important therefore to detox your skin so that it remains healthy, young and beautiful. And the best part is that it is not expensive if you follow easy to follow natural skin detox treatments. You can do them at home easily, without the need of expensive treatment.

In this article, I will describe natural skin detox treatments and diet for skin detox. Follow these regularly for your long-term beauty and young skin.

Natural skin detox treatments

Among the popular skin detox techniques are Dry Brushing, Detox Bath and Hot Oil Massage.

Dry Brushing: An easy way of skin detox is dry brushing. It is a traditional method in which a brush is used to brush your skin just before take a bath. The process helps you to remove the dead skin cells and the toxins that may have deposited. The brush improves the blood circulation to the skin, and the fresh blood removes the toxins. The brush strokes should be directed towards the heart. Starting from the feet, brush upwards all over the body right up to the shoulders. The entire process should take a few minutes.

Remember to choose a brush with soft and natural bristles, but hard enough to remove the dead skin. A hard brush will hurt your skin. Do not use the brush on the face, the private parts, or any areas that have wounds or rashes. For the face, use a soft face brush.

Detox Baths: The second method is a detox bath. It is an easy method – just add a cup of Epsom Salt and half a cup of olive oil to the warm water in your bathtub. After dissolving, get into the water and enjoy its warmth. Soak your body and enjoy the feeling and the fragrance. Dry your body after the soak with a soft towel. The olive oil will keep your skin moisturised while the Epsom salt removes the toxins. You can also try the green tea bath. Green tea is known to be an anti oxidant and this method rejuvenates your skin. Take 5-6 green tea bags and hang them in your bathtub filled with hot water for about 15 minutes. Let the water to cool down and when it does, step into it and let your body soak in it for about half an hour. Just make sure that the water is not too hot when you step into the bathtub. Other easily available detox baths like sea salt and apple cider vinegar can also be used in the bathtub for detox purposes. You can add aromatic oils like lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil in your bath water not only for detox but for a luxurious feeling and heavenly smell. Remember to soak for at about half an hour. Do check for allergic reactions before you choose anything for your detox routine.

Hot Oil Massage: A commonly used traditional therapy for skin repair has been a hot oil massage. You can use coconut, almond or olive oil, or a mixture of these. Add an aromatic oil like sandalwood oil. Warm the oil and give yourself a hot oil massage. Take a shower with warm water after about 20 minutes to wash off the oil. A hot oil massage soothes and relaxes the skin. It improves blood circulation and detoxifies the skin. Regular oil massage smoothens the skin, moisturises it and gives it a natural glow.

Diet for skin detox

While the above detox techniques are very useful, you must also take up a detox plan for the inside of your body. Follow a diet rich in antioxidants and it will help you get rid of toxins present in your body. These toxins enter the body due to pollution or consumption of synthetic foods. Fast foods and refrigerated foods contain preservatives that accumulate in your body. A diet for skin detox consists of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and milk products. Citrus fruits, pomegranates and apples are recommended. Drinking a lot of water too removes toxins from the body. A glass of water every hour will do your body very good, as it will detoxify your blood and clear your skin.

Exercise: Another skin detox method is exercising. When you sweat during exercise, it removes waste products from your body. Vigorous exercise is required, such as boxing, running, and rigorous workouts.


The above skin detox methods will help you avoid aging and dull skin, improve skin tone, and delay the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin. It is also important to lead a stress-free life, because stress produces toxins in teh body. The natural detox methods described above are very useful in calming your mind and improving circulation in the body. Make natural skin detox a regular routine for fresh, healthy and glowing skin.




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