How to take care of your face?

How to take care of your face?

The four basic steps for daily face care are discussed briefly below.


Just like your body requires regular clean ups to keep healthy and nourishing result, your face requires double this effort. The skin of our face is much more delicate than the rest of our body, hence requires a thorough maintenance by washing it regularly twice each day. Your face can glow if you apply natural products according to your dkin quality and type and as well as fight the blemishes on your face skin. Organic methods of using lemon juice, honey, dandelion sap and other elements that has proven to be effective, while washing the face, are advised that the chemical products leading damages to the skin invariably. When you are cleaning your make up, essentially if you have a sensitive skin, use  a pH neutral make up remover to keep the natural balance of the face intact. This is formulated specially for cleaning the epidermis quite gently.

Drinking water

It is not a myth that drinking water at regular intervals leads to the healthy functioning of your body.  We need to reap our body with sufficient amount of water because it keeps our body hydrated and fresh. There is no beauty product that can turn our face better looking than proper rest and hydrated skin. Set a target of 8-10 glasses of water daily to remove all unnecessary oils from your skin.

Sun protection

This is an extremely important point that is to be considered given the present situation. Never forget to leave your house without applying a sunscreen lotion. Try to cover your face with a cloth to avoid direct contact of the ultra violet rays.

Delicate areas

The fragile sections of your face that has a particularly fine skin needs an extra care like for example, eye contours and lips. These are more sensitive than our skin and require ten times more the attention to the rest of the face. Choose a specific time to cater to this area so that certain regularization is found to maintain the skin.

Allergy awareness

There are certain ingredients that act as a natural hack for beautification of the skin but at the same time we should be aware that we have different skin types and all products do not act at the same kind for all the skins. A minimum awareness is required so that you can doubly check before using a product.

Lemon juice has a critic acidic contain which is helpful for the screen but there is a chance that it might get too acidic ending to the formation of dark spots as soon as the skin has contact with the sun. This can cause dryness and irritation in the skin.

Baking Soda  can be useful if a person knows the correct measure to use it. It can stress ones skins if the pH level of the baking soda doesnot exceeds a pH level of 8. This condition can lead into the cause of dry skin.

Toothpaste can suck on the oils of the skin other than killing germs. At times, though, they tend to dry up or irritate the skin of the individual.

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