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What Happens When We Change Our Skin Care Routine

Most of us have our beauty routines. We learn that when we are young and continue with it as we grow older, adding products that suit us and discarding others which are not suitable for our skin. It is a good habit, as it keeps the skin young and supple. Usually this routine consists of three things: cleansing the skin, toning it, and moisturizing it.

However, very often we feel the need to change this routine, due to changes in the environment and also our skin. As we age, we need different products and different routines because our skin changes with time. We may face problems like dark circles, sagging skin and wrinkles. Moreover, we are exposed to the elements every day and our skin responds to the dust and the smoke. As a result, we need different products and methods to protect our skin from ageing too fast. We also see new beauty and skincare products and are influenced by advertising to try them out.

In this article I answer frequent questions that people have about changing their skin care routines.

When should I change up my skincare routine?

The answer is: not very often.

Changing products for short periods of time does not help, because it takes time for their effects to really show up. My advice is to stick to your beauty routines of cleansing, toning and moisturising, and change it only when you feel the need. For instance, when you have acne, you will have to change your habit. Similarly, when the climate changes, you will need different products. Your skin tells you what it needs. And when you do change your skin care routine, make it a point to continue with it for a few weeks for best results.

Weather changes

Skin requires different care methods in different weather conditions. In summer, for example, your skin will be oily, while in the winter it tends to be dry out. So in summer you might need a strong cleanser but in winter you might want to switch to a mild one. You will also need a good moisturiser in winter to avoid dryness, and also a lip balm to avoid cracked lips. Paying attention to the weather is therefore a good idea to protect your skin.


Another reason for changing our skin routine is to counter the effect of aging. You will need skin tightening and other products, and the makeup that you choose should be lighter. You also need products and care for dark spots and acne should you have them. As you grow older, you will have to add an exfoliator to your beauty routine. You need to be prepared for the hormonal changes that will occur in your body and their effect on your beauty.


Travelling exposes your skin to several risks such as heat, dust, pollution and stress. Travelling to very populated cities will expose you to all these risks. If you are travelling by air you will be exposed to UV rays and your skin will dry out very fast. Carry an extra moisturiser for your travelling days.

Skin problems

Another reason for a change in your routine is if you are experiencing problems. There may be a breakout of zits, discolouration, patches, etc. In that case you will need to change your skincare routine and add products as recommended by your physician.


It is important to watch for skin and weather conditions that may necessitate change. But do not experiment too much with new products and stick to your routine. As you age, you will change your skin routine and also when conditions change. Apart from that, tick to your beauty routine as far as possible. Love your skin and be tuned toward it. You will be rewarded with clear, young and smooth skin for a long time!

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